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Impressive - a tool for pdf-presentations

Impressive is a presentation tool for pdf files. Click >here< to go to the homepage for the project on

Note: At time of writing last update of project files was 18/9/2008.

Read the documentation to learn about all the options for the program - including the many advanced options: You can play audio files in the background or view full screen video on entry of specific slides, put a timer on slides, set duration of talk, rotate pages, define transitions for specific pages etc. Many of these features require the use of Info scripts (RTFM)

There is also a useful script gettransitions that will export Beamer transitions to Impressive by creating an appropriate Info file Click here to go to the gettransitions site.

Most often the computer used for the pdf presentation will be a 32 bit Windows box. I therefore suggest to download the file and put it on the usb-pen with your pdf presentation file (and accompanying audio/video files etc.)

In order…

Windows Remote Desktop on Linux

In this short guide I will describe how to obtain access to a Windows Remote Desktop session using rdesktop on Linux - assuming you obtain VPN access to your companys network using SSL-explorer.

You are invited to make suggestions and provide alternatives in the comments section - but I will not provide support for SSL-explorer, rdesktop, Linux, java or anything else.

I first tried to connect to a Windows XP box through SSL-Explorer using rdesktop on a Fedora 11 box, but soon realized I needed to change permissions for Sun Java etc. in order to succeed.
Instead I installed Linux Mint and from then on, everything went smooth.

Linux Mint is a distro built on top of Ubuntu - which in itself is built on Debian. Linux Mint provides a smoother experience and easy install options for several non-open-source programs and drivers.

If you are not an open-source fanatic and do not hold the brown color design of Ubuntu dear, but otherwise like the Ubuntu experience, then Linux Mint is your choice.


Freeman Dyson

In our family we do not watch television on a daily basis. Besides The New Yorker, various science journals and the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen I use the Internet as my primary source of (mis)information.
A lot of bad things has been said about The New York Times especially in recent years, but the Op-Eds by David Brooks are brilliant - and I read his columns every week on with great interest.
A couple of days ago The New York Times Magazine had a magnificent profile on Freeman Dyson >Click Here<.
While reading the article I remembered the time before my university studies: I read Feynman's bestselling stories (the profile even has a curious link to a Feynman anecdote) and thought I would find a community of creative non-conformists at the science departments. Well, to a large extend I was wrong - but to read the thoughts of a guy like Freeman Dyson provides comfort - and even HOPE! (and it made me order The Scientist as a Rebel)