Example: Business cards typeset with LaTeX

So you enjoy the quality of a professional typesetting system? You got Avery labels, a working MikTeX and the ticket package installed...
You might find some assistance from a half criminal paranoid zealot system administrator, willing to guide you through a dinosaur kingdom of TeX ... but that kind of assistance might also just leave you with nothing.

It was easy to get the layout of the labels with the option zw32010, but how about page margins? I tried to set things straight with the layouts package (\usepackage{layouts}\currentpage \pagedesign), but then there was still some unwanted white space and margins...

To make things less complicated I decided to make a single card. The solution is a hack because it needs customization (with voffset and hoffset as you see n the TeX code below) but the adjustment is more straightforward, especially if you use the boxed option with ticket.

The card was converted to png with Ghostscript and I could easily print the business cards with Averys template, where I inserted the generated card-graphics.

The tex-code for the businesscard:




\ticketSize{85}{54} %in unitlength
\ticketDistance{0}{0} %in unitlength

%adjust these margins using the 'boxed' option with ticket, e.g. \usepackage[boxed]{ticket}
\advance \voffset -0.35cm
\advance \hoffset -.01cm

% Here we set top and left margins found from the Avery Word-template (page setup margins)  %

% define something

% make your default ticket. \ticketdefault is somewhat like a background
% here it is empty, because we use different tickets for the front an
% the back of our card

% now what do you like to put in your ticket
    \put( 54.25, 10){\includegraphics[width=25mm,angle=0,origin=bl]{foto.png}}
    \put( 5, 13){\small }
    \put( 5, 16){\small Email:}
    \put( 5, 11){\small Phone:}
    \put(5,41){\LARGE #1}
    \put(12,16){\small #3}
    \put(13,11){\small #4}
    \put(5,19){\small #5}

    \put( 49, 18){\includegraphics[width=30mm,angle=0,origin=bl]{websiteQR.png}}
    \put( 7, 44){\small Hellmund Consulting}
    \put( 7, 40){\small Forbindelsesvejen 116}
    \put( 7, 36){\small DK9400 Nørresundby}
    \put( 7, 32){\small Denmark}
    \put( 5, 12){\color{uni}\line(1,0){75}}
   \put(52,5){\small www.hellmund.dk}
   \put(7,5){\small Phone: + 45 98 17 23 73}



\vcardfront{Gunnar Hellmund}{Consultant, statistician, PhD}{\hspace{0.2cm}Gunnar@Hellmund.dk}{\hspace{0.2cm}+45 98 17 23 73}{}

\vcardback{web: www.hellmund.dk \\phone: +45 98 17 23 73}

DOS code for conversion using 64 bit Ghostscript:

gswin64 -dSAFER -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pngalpha 
-dGraphicsAlphaBits=4 -r600x600 -sOutputFile=visitkort%d.png enkelt.pdf


Waseem said…
like the card..can a plastic business cards be designed same like that.

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