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Tunnelier and your campus account

A friend asked me to put these instructions on my blog. This guide can be used to access the servers at the your campus from your Windows computer via ssh. You can thereby gain access to restricted resources such as your home folder and online journal archives. This method is an alternative to ssh -X and a vpn connection. Using this method reduces the amount of traffic between your computer and the campus server to a minimum. I can also recommend this method, if your ordinary vpn-connection does not allow you to access resources on your home network - quite annoying if your printer is attached to your local network. Download and install Tunnelier: Run Tunnelier. In the 'Login' window type 'Host' (some.server), 'Username' (i.e. your campus username) Select 'password' as Initial method, type your password and check 'Store encrypted password in profile'. In the 'Options' window uncheck all boxes and