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Windows Remote Desktop on Linux

In this short guide I will describe how to obtain access to a Windows Remote Desktop session using rdesktop on Linux - assuming you obtain VPN access to your companys network using SSL-explorer . You are invited to make suggestions and provide alternatives in the comments section - but I will not provide support for SSL-explorer, rdesktop, Linux, java or anything else. I first tried to connect to a Windows XP box through SSL-Explorer using rdesktop on a Fedora 11 box, but soon realized I needed to change permissions for Sun Java etc. in order to succeed. Instead I installed Linux Mint and from then on, everything went smooth. Linux Mint is a distro built on top of Ubuntu - which in itself is built on Debian. Linux Mint provides a smoother experience and easy install options for several non-open-source programs and drivers. If you are not an open-source fanatic and do not hold the brown color design of Ubuntu dear, but otherwise like the Ubuntu experience, then Linux Mint is yo