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Impressive - a tool for pdf-presentations

Impressive is a presentation tool for pdf files. Click >here< to go to the homepage for the project on Note: At time of writing last update of project files was 18/9/2008. Read the documentation to learn about all the options for the program - including the many advanced options: You can play audio files in the background or view full screen video on entry of specific slides, put a timer on slides, set duration of talk, rotate pages, define transitions for specific pages etc. Many of these features require the use of Info scripts (RTFM) There is also a useful script gettransitions that will export Beamer transitions to Impressive by creating an appropriate Info file Click here to go to the gettransitions site . Most often the computer used for the pdf presentation will be a 32 bit Windows box. I therefore suggest to download the file and put it on the usb-pen with your pdf presentation file (and accompanying audio/video files e