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Logistic regression with Cox PH procedures

Illustration of the Stata stcox command used for logistic regression estimation. Results are compared to output from the logit procedure. Background: In SAS you can use the ties=discrete option in the model statement for moderately sized logistic regression analyses or in general for reasonable sized data sets if time is truly discrete. The method is illustrated on for a conditional logistic regression, adding a strata statement - which in Stata compares to a strata variable specified in the strata option added to the stcox command. Have a look at here . "Extra memory is needed for certain TIES= options. Let be the maximum multiplicity of tied times. The TIES=DISCRETE option requires extra memory (in bytes) of 4k*(p^2+4p), where k is the maximum multiplicity of tied times and p is the number of predictors/explanatory variables Source of citation on . The equivalent option in Stata's stcox is exactp, which however is not compatibl