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Risk analysis in project teams

Risk assessment involves the probabilities of events and degrees of severeness. In a simple example the project leader og project team reach consensus on both events, probabilities and severeness and then calculate risks. Risk of an event is Severeness of an event times  Probability of the event. (R=P x S) However the dynamics in the project group will become an indirect dominant factor, which might bias the assessment severely. Why not use a Bayesian inspired approach, a simple statistical calculation, which in the process also quantifies team-dynamics in the face of the project leader... Each member rank all members of the project team in relation to overall project insight - ties are allowed, scale is determined by number of project members. So in a highly hierarchical team of five members each team member will use the numbers from one to five during ranking. In a more level team of five members there will be use of ties, i.e. some will write three alongside all members, som