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Here is an implementation of the Sunrise/Sunset Algorithm in VBA. Official times of sunrise og sunset are calculated with variables depending on location given in latitude and longitude and corrected for difference between UCT/GMT and local time. Tested in Excel 2007. Source of pseudocode algorithm: Almanac for Computers, 1990; Nautical Almanac Office; United States Naval Observatory; Washington, DC 20392 Inputs: day (integer), month (integer), year (double), latitude (double), longitude (double), localOffset (difference between local time and UCT/GMT), status (return time of official sun rise=0; return time of official sun set=1) day, month and year are return values of standard Excel functions DAY, MONTH and YEAR applied to a cell formatted as an date. My own location: 57.07 north and 9.94 east (eastern coordinates are positive, western negative) This year the sun will rise at 5:49:04 AM and set at 9:00:03 PM at my home address on my birthday. Option Explicit Public Co