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Management and Bacon

”We must obey the forces we want to command” a paraphrase extracted from Novum Organum (1620), Book I* by Francis Bacon (1561-1626). The paraphrase gains strength in the original textual context, which embeds the levels on which managers must also operate during implementation: The strategic and organizational levels. In the format of Bacon, who was not only a philosopher but also an English public official and essayist, the objects of discussion were individual, nation and nature. Two levels of dynamics • Individual (Queen/politician/citizen) versus nation • Nation versus nature (Human, God) The business world analog to individual, nation and nature is stakeholder, organization and market • Owners, managers, employees within the organization • The company positioned on a market The philosophy, strategy, organizational design and toolset must obey the conditions set by the market and the position of the company. Innovative changes and successful implementation depends o

Raspberry Pi FM radio For easy access to configuration change the play_sound definition in to def play_sound( filename, freq, rate ):       call(["./pifm", filename, freq, rate])      return Then try a loop (save in and type sudo python from the bash shell) import PiFm  x=100.0  rate=141100  while 1:        print x,"MHz"        PiFm.play_sound("sonar.wav"," "+str(x)," "+str(rate))  You can also loop across a range of frequences import PiFm  x=0  while 1:        print x,"MHz"        rate=141100        PiFm.play_sound("sonar.wav"," "+str(x)," "+str(rate))        x=x+0.1        if x>250:              x=0  Note: Use only with near-range antenna.