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Reduction of radio fields Basic concepts behind Faraday cages are documented on many web-pages.  A successful implementation requires access to certain conductive materials and getting your priorities straight. In principle you can annihilate radio fields with frequencies in the range of WLAN, 4G, 3G and below (appliances, FM, AM). The princ iple is used in security rooms in basements of embassies, where you protect against eavesdropping and still maintain a temporary working environment. Electronic firms use the concept in development and service of their products and there are other situations where you need to protect ordinary working conditions and privacy ignoring the possibilities of eavesdropping with conventional tools (outlets, windows, microphones) To reduce radio fields you need to apply layers of metal wire mesh (copper, iron, galvanized iron) The higher conductivity the greater reduction of the radio fields and the smaller distances between wires the greater prote