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An exercise in evaluation of quarterly figures

I have chosen to emphasize quantifiable knowledge, i.e. knowledge you are able to list, visualize and connect based on quarterly figures, company report, BI, customer intelligence, relevant business media. A specification of steps in an analysis, which will also contain qualitative elements. Inspiration is drawn from Luc de Brabanderes "Thinking in new boxes". “When I see the quarterly figures of my competitors, I see no reason to change my strategy for the future” 1. “see” · Map the company’s relative position to competitors, including recent development and trends. · Compare the present state map with the strategic plan in effect. · Is there a need for a new combination of figures or connections (new boxes)? 2. “figures” · I assume the strategy of the company is welldefined, without ambiguities and documented in a white paper or company report, i.e. we decide how to perceive and which concepts to use in a description o