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PDF manipulations

2015-05-11: Warning. Cannot be used unchanged with Python3. It is recommended to install pdf, argparse and pyPDF with pip install (set paths in Windows to both Python27 folder and Python/Scripts folder) As a teacher in Advanced Engineering Mathematics I grade a lot of home work. The students upload Maple output pdf files to the campus website and I access the files in a class/student_id folder structure obtained from a zip file. I move the pdf files to the top-layer and merge them using the shell and python scripts below. Once done I can easily print out files with four pages on each sheet to reduce waste and optimize the process of commenting and grading. Utilities: Mingw, (modification of script found on the internet) and pyPDF: #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #In pyPDF folder (find the package on the internet) #python install #Example - first oneline moves pdf files the second append files and add blanks as necessary #mv --backup=num