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Stata Workflow optimization with GRAPHLOG

The basic workflow recommendations for Stata code and folder hierarchy given by Scott Long  is relative easy to extend with inclusion of graphics in pdf log files. In Stata using point-and-click: *Get links to template files find workflow  *Install graphlog (and updates) find graphlog  Run example: pwd mkdir "C:\WorkFlow" cd "C:\WorkFlow" preserve capture log close log using workflowtest.log, replace *// *//  gunnar 2019/03/10 version 10 clear all macro drop _all set linesize 80 * my commands start here sysuse auto summarize trunk histogram trunk, normal graph export graph.pdf, replace log close restore *Assume installed pdflatex (TeXLive, MikTeX) graphlog using workflowtest, lspacing(1) replace *exit

Set Exchange Server properties

Guided by principles in GDPR you may wish to delete mail older than 3 months from your inbox. This should be a principle for all office workers in both private and public organizations: Mail and electronic content not journalised should be deleted within 3 months. Outlook: Choose 'Account Settings' in File window. Under 'Mail' highlight account and choose 'Edit'. Set time period for storage on Exchange server to 3 months. Repeat as necessary for all accounts. Under each account in Mail window: Right click inbox and chose 'Properties' and click the option to delete all offline content. Repeat as necessary for sent mail and other accounts.