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Up-and-down dose response study design

Dose response model and biased coin up-and-down design estimating EV90. A simulation study with a boundary condition and addition of auxilliary data points. PAVA estimators and 2 parameter isotonic regression.  Experimental Spreadsheet from study with reporting sheet and random numbers sheet, latter should be blinded during the course of the experiment. The study had a minimum of 25 patients. #Upper boundary of 30 (mL), steps of 2 (mL) #Estimat for number of patients ANTAL<-NULL MU_1<-NULL MU_2<-NULL MU_3<-NULL EV90<-NULL library(Iso) library(drc) iter<-1 while(iter<=10000){ #MEV MEV<-0.9 #Start dose V<-20 #From previous study start dose is probably around MEV92 P<-0.92-(30-V)*0.014 #Defining vectors for simulation succes<-0 coins<-0 kt<-1 #Increase in dose if failure dosedeltaNeg<-2 dosedeltaPos<-2 while(V[kt]<30){ coins[kt]<-runif(1) if(coins[k