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Indlæsning af data i RedCap

 Data import i RedCap, første video om RedCap funktionalitet

The power of SAS Proc SGPLOT: Survival Plots

Obtaining the power of SGPLOT using ods output features. In the example below I have placed the y-axis label in top horizontal position using a yaxis statement option in SGPLOT. The code in my macro is based on the file found on  Mantange's SAS blog Here is a link to my example and macro . The macro is easy to modify.

RF shields: Further investigations

I previously investigated the effect of a metal mesh: Would I be able to construct an RF shield using the principles behind Faraday's cage. The success was limited, there is a loss of field strength, the signal, however, was intact. Is there another solution? Passive measures are becoming increasingly popular. At the local hardware store, I can buy a one square meter carbon knitted mesh at the price of 23 euro. I assume the cost will double if I cover my walls with the mesh unless I am extremely careful. Better do an overlay than introduce weak spots. Other measures are powder (iron, steel, carbon) glued or painted on surfaces. A short cut is ventilation pipes. They come in diameters greater than a meter. Up to a diameter of 63 centimeters, you can even buy end pieces in metal. I performed an experiment with a 10cm diameter ventilation pipe. Most people demonstrate Faraday's cage with a mobile phone, and some people use an AM or FM radio. I prefer to use an attenuated 400

COVID19 and the Politik surrounding it

Danish authorities ( document the development in cases and deaths, both in the EU/EØS and on a global scale. In the previous weeks, I have seen a risk of death around 4 percent. Update 27/3-2020: In Italy, we observe a risk of death greater than the risk of death from SARS. I expect a wave of viral spread in Europe from Italy and Spain through France and Germany and exponential growth in number of cases for weeks to come. The novel virus will take its toll the next years in symbiosis with influenza. Hundreds of thousands will die changing the hygiene culture and demanding reform of health services in the Western world. The development in Japan is now worse than a month ago. Japan remains the most successful nation relative to its population size. Links to monitoring tools and sites: