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RF shields: Further investigations

I previously investigated the effect of a metal mesh: Would I be able to construct an RF shield using the principles behind Faraday's cage. The success was limited, there is a loss of field strength, the signal, however, was intact. Is there another solution? Passive measures are becoming increasingly popular. At the local hardware store, I can buy a one square meter carbon knitted mesh at the price of 23 euro. I assume the cost will double if I cover my walls with the mesh unless I am extremely careful. Better do an overlay than introduce weak spots. Other measures are powder (iron, steel, carbon) glued or painted on surfaces. A short cut is ventilation pipes. They come in diameters greater than a meter. Up to a diameter of 63 centimeters, you can even buy end pieces in metal. I performed an experiment with a 10cm diameter ventilation pipe. Most people demonstrate Faraday's cage with a mobile phone, and some people use an AM or FM radio. I prefer to use an attenuated 400